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Chapter Biographies

Our young women are chosen because of their leadership characteristics and their earnest desire to be more than just (what society would name them)

We expect "BIG" things to come from our young ladies...and the gentlemen that participate in our etiquette class.

Our alumni consist of scholars, lawyers, teachers, music producers, military officers, entrepreneurs, as well as mothers and wives, campus queens.

I always say...I prepare our young ladies to dine with heads of state as well as presidents and CEOs.

We honor the fact that we hold a success rate of 100% of our young ladies furthering their education.

Since the opening of our program 22 years ago and over 500 young ladies having participated. The Sisters of Alpha Omega Jr. sorority or the Dr. Manners etiquette program...has NEVER had a young lady to become pregnant while participating in either of our programs.

We have had a 100% success rate with our young men either furthering their education, joining the armed forces, becoming professional athletes, entrepreneurs, as well educators.

We teach abstinence as well as leadership development...because "when you know BETTER...

you do BETTER!"

..."For I know the plans that I have for you." Jeremiah 29:11

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