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Gossiping...and how it can hurt people
How do we deal with bullying?
Dating your best friend's guy
Conducting mysef as a lady...is there a turn off button?
Cellphones in public places


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Gossiping...and how it can hurt people

The young ladies from both the Bougie Princesses and the Ladies of Distinction will be adding their comments about gossiping.

How do we deal with bullying?

Bullying is something that should not! and will not! be tolerated. The Bullying is something that happens too often. It is not fair to those that are being tormented.
Bullying can happen from the classroom to the office. It's a form of gossiping that just happens to reach the ears of the person (s) who is being targeted.
What gives someone (anyone ) for that matter the right to push people around?

Dating your best friend's guy

Is dating your best friend's man ever an option?

Cellphones in public places

Cellphone use in public places
The biggest question that I have been asked, is "when is it alright to use a cellphone in public places?"
The answer to that question can be a little tricky, due to...what's considered to be a "public place."
 It's never good to be on your cellphone in a restuarant, grocery store or department store, and especially not locations where you see the "NO Cellphone!" signs.
Just be respectful of the others around you.

Always using a napkin

Question of the Day...
Dr. Manners..."Would I be considered a nerd if I placed a napkin in my lap at McDonalds?
Answer: A Nerd? Absolutely not! It does not matter where you dine, a napkin in the lap...will be a dollar saved on dry cleaning.
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