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Board of Directors

Founder and Director Andrea Smith-Rahim

Virginia Beach Chapter President- Candis Hassel

Pledge President- Dayzsha Cosme

Vice-President - Moneeca Smith 

National Secretary- Moneeca Smith 

Secretary- Moneeca Smith

Treasurer- Moneeca Smith 

Scholarship Chairs- Sara E. Kelly, Andrea Smith-Rahim, Stephanie
Webpage- Editor- Moneeca Smith

Newsletter Editor- Moneeca Smith

Social Event Coordinator- Shakera Franks-Brown

Fundraising Chairperson- Shakela Cosme

Educational & Scholastic Chairperson- Lakita Bunns 

Virginia Beach Chapter Officers

***SAQ Administrative support:

Ms. Tamara Anderson

Big Sisters over pledges 

LaShanay Knight

Cotillion Chairs:

LaKisha Brown

La Jill Hunt

Cynthia Steele

Leatrice Edwards

Ashley Hunt

Moneeca Smith

Cotillion Dance Coordinator:

We will be welcoming two new chapters: Westmoreland and Maryland

stay tuned as they will bring you updates regarding their chapters.


Westmoreland Chapter President:

Ms. Kimberly Ball

Maryland Chapter President:

Mrs. Jujuan Campbell-Washington

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