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The Sisters of Alpha Omega

Debutante Cotillion

 The Sisters of Alpha Omega Debutante Program is a social organization.

Orginally established in 1999 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, as a private social group. I later opened the group to outside members and designed the program to bridge the gap between, school, home and community. Focusing on social issues that young women face on a daily basis.

The Sisters of Alpha Omega now has chapters in Jacksonville, FL, Delaware,Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Virginia.

Each year we receive hundreds of applications, however, only 10 young women are chosen for each new cycle.

The Originators:

Miss Charliesa Day

Miss Dayzsha Cosme

Miss Jaye Grey

Miss Ashley Callahan

Miss Trovona Johnson

Miss Erecha Bailey

Miss India Gilchrist

Miss Lequesha Truitt

Miss Tameka Furguson

Miss Nicole Verett

Holiday food drives for families in need, Coats for Kids, Back Packs for Schools, bake sales, books for babies and the adopt a Grandparent program.

Selection Process: The Sisters of Alpha Omega Debutante Social Program is conducted by Etiquette Director Dr. Manners (Andrea Smith-Rahim)

If you know of a young lady who would benefit from the Sisters of Alpha Omega Debutante Social Program,or if you are interested in starting a chapter in your area please contact us @ 757-354-7426.

 Warmest Regards

  Andrea Smith-Rahim aka Dr. Manners

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